Friday, 10 June 2011

Mast Removal

Bit of a late update but I removed the mast which had been stepped on my Snapdragon 27 yacht Ardtalla last week; it has been sitting on the deck since I moved the yacht last month.

With a bit of grunt between two of us, and the saloon cushions as landing mats we managed to get the mast down in about an hour and a half all in once piece with no breakages. We cable tied up all the running and standing rigging ready for attention at a later date.

I am going to strip the mast down, renew a lot of the components and electronic. All of the running rigging is going to be replaced. The bulbs are going to be replaced with low wattage LED equilivlants.

No the mast is off the next step is to remove all of the deck fittings, hatches and windows; ready for renewal, repair, re-bedding.

Watch this space!

 Getting Ready

 Starting to tilt the mast back

Ready to drop

Foam/Boxes on standby to catch the mast

Mast Down!

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