Thursday, 19 July 2012

Work is in progress!

Greetings Blog Fans;

It has all been a bit quiet on here and the main site for a while but I have been busy behind the scenes! I took my final exams with the IIMS International Institute of Marine Surveyors for my DipMarSur(YS) qualification and continuing my Westlawn course in Naval Architecture. I have also been busy answering questions for the Snapdragon Mirage Accossioation on their forum. If you have come to this site because you are a Snapdragon owner please look at their site and think about joining!

I have a month off from my main day job to get the work done over the summer so I have started to make a list of the jobs I have to do.

  1. ·         Remove the rest of the anti-foul – I am getting quotes from local soda blasting companies
  2. ·         Choose and order the new engine, and design/install the new engine bearers/beds
  3. ·         Prepare the topsides and undercoat for painting later (I don’t want nice new paint to get wrecked by other work)
  4. ·         Start the electrical system wiring

I have designed the new layout of the interior and will be doing a test fir using plywood to see what it actually feels like inside. I don’t have the drawing on this computer but I will edit and update it later.

Thanks for reading!!!

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