Saturday, 19 November 2011

Stern Stuffing Gland

With the engine out I was able finally at last able to get clear access to the stuffing gland for the prop shaft. I posted pictures on my main website ages ago when I was trying to identify the gland type.

The area was cleaned using dishwasher detergent to break down all of the old oil, grease and smells and did a great job as you can see. I uses a toilet brush (NEW!) to get into all the nooks and hard to reach places, and was topped off with a gentle rinse from a jet washer.

With help of Practical Boat Owner forumites and Cox Engineering we figured it out.

EDIT 14/03/2012

I finally got round to removing the whole of the tube and bearings. It was a Stuart Turner type glassed in at the inboard end so was not serviceable. It uses white metal bears that have to be lathed out, and then recast and turned! I will be replacing with GRP tube and composite bearings at the outboard end. It will be a water-cooled PSS shaft seal at the inboard end.

Here are the before and after photos!

Before steam jet washing!

After dish-washer detergent and Jet-washing!

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