Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring - Back to work

Sorry it has been a while; It is winter here in the UK with some temperatures hitting -4 in the day. Working in a unheated barn in the day is not where I wanted to be... Instead I have been working hard on my coursework instead.

I have been researching a self build serial hybrid engine. I 48v system to drive a motor which will self regenerate power to the batteries when under power. I would also have a separate mains generator to provide power for a 48v charger, or a sellf build generator using a water cooled Kubota EA-300 with a 48v 90amp alternator fitted. If going the home build 48v genset I may play about with a Ardunio to get it to self start and monitor batter voltage.

I attended the 2012 London Boat Show at Excel in January; I was a little disappointed with the amount of boats, it seemed mostly to cater for the super rich. I was impressed with the amount of Chandlry and the Yachting Monthly practical demonstration.

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