Tuesday, 20 March 2012

RayView for Android Released!

Raymarine contacted me today on Twitter '@JKHPROTECH' to say that they have released RayView now for Android devices and their E/C series devices! I hope that other manufacturers can catch up and can offer something similar soon for their devices and a push in the right direction for Android.




Transform your Apple iPhone 4 (and above), iPad 1 and 2 or Android device (v2.2.2 or higher) into a remote viewer!

The FREE Raymarine Viewer app is specifically designed for iOS (Apple) operating products and is now also available for Android devices.
The viewer enables a new e and c Series MFD owner to wirelessly stream the image from his screen to his iOS or Android device.

The Android app requires a device on v2.2.2 or higher and a 1 GHz processor.

Android RayView Wireless video streaming application from Raymarine Multi-Functional Displays (Must be run on a 1GHz or faster processor product)

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