Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Boat Moved

13th April my Snapdragon 27 Yacht was moved by road. I used D&D Transport based in Ardleigh, near Colchester, Essex, UK

All went well, though it took a few attempts to get the yacht sit sit properly in the new castor fitted yacht cradle. The yacht was not in the boat yard slings quite square, so when her keel weight was in the cradle she kept twisting slightly. Using brute strength of four men and a bit of rope we got it squared up.

The journey was about 35 miles and took about an hour. We went slowly to avoid the rock bouncing about too much on the giant truck; which was 60ft long and had a 65 tonne crane! We got her to her new farmyard home and got her unloaded from the crane. I used the towball on my car to position the cradle in the barn (Ardtalla's new home for the next year).

Just before the move

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