Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Dream

It has been a long time dream and goal of mine to sail around the world. This dream started to become reality when talking to one of my best friends about it... It was his dream too! We have taken some inspiration from Nick Jaffe and his adventures in his Contessa 26.

We shook on it there and then that we would put a plan into action. That was in October 2009

We went back-packing in Australia for six months, and the whole time we were talking about 'the dream' and used the opportunity to spend a week on 'Condor' a Maxi Yacht with great racing history. We sailed around the Whitsunday Islands on the Queensland Coast.

When I arrived back in the UK in May 2010 I started looking for a boat which would be suitable as a 'project' which we could modify to suit our needs. I found the ideal boat in August 2010, she was a bit rough around the edges and needed some cosmetic work. I got her for the price I had budgeted and I have started removing her interior in preparation for her refit over Winter of 2010 / Summer 2011.

Full details of the refit will be uploaded here and on my website at

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